13 March 2017

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I’m falling in love with this whole business of being alive thing and appreciating the growing pains of being molded into something new. Each day I am becoming more comfortable in my skin, more comfortable speaking truth with my voice, and more myself than ever before. Today was a good Monday. I am joyful. I rejoice in truthh. I will not use the word happy because it is a false adjective to describe a state of being.

But I woke up to my alarm per usual, made coffee, read 1st Peter, ate some delicious oatmeal, walked to class jamming to Ed Sheeran, got hopelessly lost in Italian, went and had a good barre workout, bought a bunch of fresh produce from the market, laid in the sun at Villa Torilina with Lib and Therese, studied Italian, talked on the phone with grandma for half an hour, cooked a plant-filled dinner, ate dark chocolate, finished watching What a Girl Wants to cure my heartache for London. I have never been so content with a Monday and with the person I am becoming.

Yesterday I was in England and today I am in Italy. It’s definitely good to be alive.

I left parts of my heart in London this weekend and can’t wait to go back one day. Maybe next summer. Hopefully.

Isn’t it strange how you can go your whole life without knowing what all is in this world to love- whether its places you haven’t been, people you haven’t met, or experiences you haven’t yet had?

Maybe it’s why I love traveling so much- learning new things about myself and falling more in love with the world around me.

I hope to never stop moving, never settling for comfort or staying stagnant. I never want to stop growing and learning, whether it be from the mountain tops or the valleys.

I am choosing to tell a different story this time.

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Reflections on my twentieth year of life