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England and Scotland: Backpacking Europe July 16, 2018 / Travel I am back from a whirlwind 6 weeks in Europe carrying a backpack around. I’m going to be recapping my trip in chunks because there are a lot of parts and places to it. After a red eye flight to London, we hit the ground running. This was my second visit to London and if […] OPEN POST London Styled Wedding shoot July 10, 2018 / Love I just got back after a 6 week trip to Europe and I have been waiting to share the rest of these images for weeks. About a month before I left, I had a crazy idea to put together a styled wedding shoot while I was in London. With the help of Jess Turner, I […] OPEN POST Rachel + Luke intimate Chicago brunch wedding April 13, 2018 / Wedding       OPEN POST Verona, Italy March 26, 2018 / Italy Once upon a time I lived in Rome and spent my weekends catching trains and traveling around Italy. The good old days. I have visited quite a few places in Italy, but there is so much to discover that I probably will never see it all. I was in Verona Valentines weekend last year, and […] OPEN POST 13 March 2017 March 20, 2018 / Personal I’m falling in love with this whole business of being alive thing and appreciating the growing pains of being molded into something new. Each day I am becoming more comfortable in my skin, more comfortable speaking truth with my voice, and more myself than ever before. Today was a good Monday. I am joyful. I […] OPEN POST Reflections on my twentieth year of life March 18, 2018 / Personal As with any milestone or new era of my life, I tend to become overly nostalgic and reflective of the past. I dwell in the past because it reminds me of all that I’ve have accomplished, who I was, and gives me a sense of reassuring hope that I am moving in the right direction. […] OPEN POST
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