London Styled Wedding shoot

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I just got back after a 6 week trip to Europe and I have been waiting to share the rest of these images for weeks.

About a month before I left, I had a crazy idea to put together a styled wedding shoot while I was in London. With the help of Jess Turner, I found a florist, hair stylist, hair piece, and a men’s jacket from local business owners.

I found Klara off of Instagram after some hardcore creeping and can’t say enough about how great it was to meet her and her fiancé, Thomas.

Thomas and Klara are both from the same small village in the Czech Republic. They knew each other when they were younger but didn’t start dating until later on. Thomas popped the question last fall while they were traveling in Paris. They now live in London and love all of the things the city has to offer (as do I).

It feels like the most incredible privilege to meet people from half way across the globe, to hear their love story, to get to know more about where they came from and their culture.

It was an even greater privilege to collaborate with other creative women in London and be able to showcase their talents because the shoot could not have happened without everyone’s contributions.

It’s this privilege that makes me fall in love with photography and traveling all over again. I’m reminded how despite our diverse backgrounds and cultures, we are all really the same.

The original location of the shoot didn’t work out as plan but we made do in a nearby park which ended up fitting perfectly with the theme.

I wish Thomas and Klara the best in their future together and am thankful how I had the opportunity to cross paths with these two one May afternoon in London.

Dress: https://www.jessturnerdesign.com/

Florals: http://flowerandfern.co.uk/

Hair: https://www.victoriaralphhair.com/home

Hair piece: https://www.edenbstudio.com/

Male suit: https://thewardrobewimbledon.com/

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