Verona, Italy

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Once upon a time I lived in Rome and spent my weekends catching trains and traveling around Italy.

The good old days.

I have visited quite a few places in Italy, but there is so much to discover that I probably will never see it all.

I was in Verona Valentines weekend last year, and the town was decorated with hearts for their festival. It was a little too cheese-y for me, but when in the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet, it was fun to play along.

You may recognize Verona from the movie Letters to Juliet.

I just want to warn you now, in case you ever decide to visit Verona, there is no ACTUAL WALL in which you can write letters to Juliet.

Such a let down, I know.

Juliet’s balcony is located in this tiny little courtyard where there is a statue of her, but no wall with letters stuck  to it.

A little bit of a let down if you ask me.

But regardless of Juliet’s balcony, Verona is quaint city that captures the charm of Italy. There is still some tourism but it’s definitely no where near as crowded as Rome or Florence.

We spent our time walking down the streets and caught a good view of the city up at the Piazzle Castel San Pietro.

I also recommend stopping at Art and Chocolate cafe for a chocolate croissant and cappuccino. It will definitely make up for your disappointment over Juliet’s balcony.


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13 March 2017